There must be a need for one place where someone with elegant and exquisite decorating taste can find all of the accents and décor items they are looking for, and at great prices too!  Hi!  My name is Tracy and I am President of Uptown La-de-da.  Thank-you for visiting my company!

Tracy Kilby Uptown Ladeda

I am the kind of person that will shop for three weeks to find that perfect item.  I will then spend another two weeks trying to find the same item at a better price.  As you can imagine, this amounts to a lot of shopping and bartering… and I have gotten really good at it.  But all of my invested time and money led me to believe that there must be something better.  There must be a need for one place where someone with elegant and exquisite decorating taste can find all of the accents and décor items that they are looking for, and at great prices.  This will save everyone tons of time randomly shopping boutiques for specific items that would perfectly pull together a room or house.  This place is Uptown La-de-da!

Feel free to enjoy the benefits of hundreds of hours of our time invested locating the perfect assortment of elegant accents and home décor items.

Thanks again for shopping at Uptown La-de-da, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your shopping experience any better.


Tracy Kilby

President, Uptown La-de-da

Uptown La-de-da is your premier home decoration and home accents store. We offer a unique selection of elegant home decorating products and gift ideas rarely found in one place.  We are also priced to sell with significant discounts offered on every product!  Compare our prices to other upscale boutique home accents retailers, home decoration shops, and even eBay.  You will find that we consistently meet or beat these prices on the same products.

The driving theme at Uptown La-de-da is to provide one stop shopping for all of the exquisite and unique home decoration and home accents items that a decorator would need to transform your house into a decorator showcase home.  Why spend days or weeks shopping for these unique designer home accent items at many different boutiques and accent or gift shops when you can find everything at one place?  And as we are a web-based retailer, we can pass the significant savings directly to our customers.

Please indulge yourself by browsing our 100% designer selected items for Home Accents including Candleholders, Frames, Bowls, Finals, Wall Art, Mirrors and more.  We also have an Elegant Gourmet section with great assortment of Kitchenware, Bowls, Lighting, and accents for the Bar.  We have a section dedicated to the Pampered Child, with fun Picture Frames, Lighting and loads of gifts and accents.

Thank-you for shopping, and best luck on your designer showcase home!